Tips for New Mothers

This post is brought to us by Sight Chek who put healthy children’s eyesight as they’re main focus (pun intended).

Congratulations! You went into the labor room & you came out victorious. You are officially a mom! As you hold that precious little squawking bundle of joy in your arms, you feel elated, happy, rewarded and yes, worried. Unwelcome thoughts of failing to be a good mom flit through your mind. Do relax. You would do just fine. In fact, you are going to be a great mom.

There is no straightforward step or set of rules or even a perfect formula for being a great mom. However, we’ve been able to draw on a well of research and experience, and here are 6 tips to guide you through the ‘mom’ process:

Post Natal Visits are Important
One of the reasons you were able to give birth safely was because you followed your doctor’s instructions to the letter. Thus, these after-births visits to the doctor must not be trifled with. Let a professional guide you through. Visiting a pediatrician is also advisable. Advice and instructions concerning you and your baby’s state of health must not be ignored.

Eat Healthy Foods
There is a reason why food is mentioned as the first basic need of man. It is a key factor in human survival and good health. What we take into our body system can either make or mar us. Thus, it is very essential that new born babies be fed rightly from the start. The breast milk fed to the baby must be nutritious, and this can only be possible if the mother herself eats nutritious and healthy foods. As the child grows and moves onto solid foods, the nutritional value of such foods should be high as well, for proper growth and development.

Breastfeed Your Baby Regularly
New born babies are usually ravenous. Their feeding habits are irregular and quite frequent. Never starve your baby for any reason. Always breastfeed him or her. Breastfeeding your baby properly is only possible if you have eaten properly. So, it is advisable for you to feed yourself with healthy foods and lots of fruits. Be nutritional-minded.

The importance of immunization would be stressed repeatedly by your doctor. Do not ignore his advice and warnings. Get your baby properly immunized with the required vaccinations before he or she becomes 15 months old. By so doing, you have boosted the child’s immune system and drastically reduced his susceptibility to infant and childhood diseases.

Get Lots of Rest
This might seem basically impossible because most babies stay awake all night. Study his sleeping schedule or habits and adjust yourself to it. Immediately he or she falls asleep, hit the sack yourself. Don’t try to engage in domestic chores. You are prepping yourself for the vigil ahead. You can also hire a homecare Winnipeg provider to help you from time to time.

Engage in strictly simple, easy and light workouts for the first 6 months after delivery. Once the doctor gives you the permission, you can engage in more strenuous activities and exercises. Exercising keeps you fit and in good shape. Sincerely, to be a great mom, all you need to do is to shower your baby with lots of love, care and attention. Remember to take good care of yourself too, as that is also important.