Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman is a very lucky woman. She has been granted the incomparable joy of bringing a life into the world. However, the pregnancy process, from conception to delivery, is not an easy task. There are the accompanying mood swings, backaches, sudden cravings, change in body shape and a host of other changes the pregnant woman has to accustom herself to, not to mention, the delivery itself.

For safe and successful delivery, the expectant mother must ensure that she is in good health throughout the entire nine months, for her sake and that of the child. This includes kicking any bad addictions through drug rehab. Staying healthy during pregnancy involves:

Exercising Regularly
exercising-during-pregnancySimple and easy workouts should be encouraged while strenuous exercises and activities highly discouraged. Taking a stroll could also serve as an exercise. Avoid sitting in one place for a long period, as it inhibits proper blood circulation. This is harmful to both the expectant mother and the fetus.

Apart from maintaining blood circulation in the body, exercising also helps to keep your body fit and your muscles in good shape. These would come in handy during delivery.

Eating Rightly
Eating rightly simply means eating healthy foods at the correct times and in ample quantities. A pregnant woman eats not only for herself, but also for the unborn child within her womb. Therefore, it is important that she consumes a balanced diet. Avoid junks and unhealthy foods. Also, eat as at when due. Never skip a meal. It is unhealthy and dangerous. When eating, remember you are eating for two, so do try and eat more than your normal ration. And lastly, take lots of fruits and vegetables. They make the skin look fresh and healthy.

Following the Doctor’s Instructions
It is the prerogative of every pregnant woman to visit the hospital for routine check-ups and medical advice. These visits are sometimes known as antenatal visits. Both the mother and child are examined by the doctor so that any irregularity or abnormality would be noted immediately. It is advisable to never skip a visit to the hospital. Follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter. Do not ingest any pill not prescribed by your doctor, as you could be harming your unborn child. Make every complaints to the doctor. For these nine months, the doctor is your best friend.

Attending Lamaze classes
Lamaze classes prepare you for what to expect in the delivery room, teach you proper breathing techniques and how to cope with labor pains and contraction. Attending these classes with your spouse and partner brings the both of you closer and prepares the expectant parents for the impending birth.

Getting Massaged Regularly
Most pregnant women experience backaches and general body pain and fatigue during their second and third trimesters. A massage followed by a warm bath would help to relieve the pain.

It is surprising to see some pregnant women clamoring for work. Please, get some rest. Do not stress yourself. Gather your strength because the time is approaching when you would need all of it and then some.

The importance of staying healthy during pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. Employ these measures and you would be glad you did. Wishing you a safe delivery!