5 Things You Must Do Before Placing Your Child in Home Care

child-careFor most parents with frantic work schedules and demanding jobs, hiring a care provider to take care of their kids is the best option they have. A care provider could be a nanny, a babysitter, an au pair or even a pediatric home nurse. The responsibility of the care provider is to care for, nurture and supervise the children of their employer. The choice of care provider is dependent on a number of factors including the hours of care needed, the number of children, one’s income and budget, the medical state and health of the child. However, before putting your child into the keeping of these care providers, several steps need to be taken in the following order to ensure that you achieve your desired objective.

Inform Your Kid(s) of Your Decision

Most parents ignore this until the night before the care provider is to resume. Your child is the one going to be cared for by the individual you are about to select, so the earlier they know, the better their adjustment to the idea. Explain gently and in clear terms exactly why the care provider is needed. Reiterate firmly that the care giver is not taking over your responsibility as the parent. Reassure them of your love and affection and the fact that you are neither tired of them nor abandoning them.

Seek a Reputable Agency

If a certified care provider is needed, then a reputable agency must be sought. These agencies or service providers would thoroughly check the applicants’ references and run a criminal background check on the successful candidate.

Personally Carry out Background Checks

It is advisable that you also carry out personal background checks on the care giver provided by the agency. One must also exercise parental vigilance and study the individual carefully before approval and subsequent employment.

Establish Boundaries

Once the care giver is hired, inform her clearly of the household rules and boundaries. Let her know your preferences and requirements. You must also inform her of the required level of her involvement and familiarity with the entire household. You must be very clear on the dos and don’ts.

Give Her an Overview of the Child’s Health

If the child has any allergies or specific medications, it is imperative that the care provider be made aware of them. The general state of health of the child must be fully disclosed to her. You are your child’s primary caregiver. Ensure you keep your promise to your child about not neglecting your role as the parent. Thus, it is essential that you maintain the crucial roles you played before the arrival of the care provider. Always have frequent and clear communication with your child’s care provider. Get regular updates on the child’s welfare and discuss observations, changes and proposed adjustments with her.

The acceptance of a ‘stranger’ in the house is not an immediate process. It is quite natural as human beings tend to resist change or adjustments. But if the proper foundations are laid, the transition would be a fairly smooth one.